International Journal of Science

Volume 10, Issue 12

Study on nonlinear dynamic characteristics of two-rotor vibrating screen under material impact



Jie Leng, Yongjun Hou, Pan Fang, Chaoyang Xiang and Ruihao Peng


Research on the Reform and Practice of Ideological and Political Education in Microeconomics Curriculum



Ling Jiang, Cai Chang, Zejiong Zhou


Research on the Impact of Economic Participation in Countries along the Belt and Road on China's National Image



Yonghui Xiang, Jingjing Li


Comparative study on the transmission characteristics of air spring suspension and traditional suspension of a certain vehicle model



Bin Wang, Ruoyu Zhao


Intelligent diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease based on deep learning algorithm



Yue Yu, Yi Shi


Establishment and Operation Management of Agricultural Carbon Sink Trading Platform



Hongzhao Duan, Jiangyong Xu, Mingxiao Pi, Zejiong Zhou


Research on the Integration and Development of Sports Industry in Chengdu-Chongqing Twin-city Economic Circle



Shihai Zhang, Bo Zhao


Research on Optimization Analysis and Scheme Design of Multi Stage Material Dynamic Allocation



Siyu Zhao, Fengjiao Peng, Jin Chen


The influence of college sports club on the concept of lifelong sports and the inheritance of sports spirit



Jili keha, Tao Song


Structural parameter optimization of bionic eye based on improved adaptive genetic algorithm



Shuping Li, Jiang Ning, Changlong Feng, Yeming Zhang, Feng Wei and Yi Guo


Challenges and Countermeasures for the International Talent Cultivation of Big Data Major



Enze Wu, Yingying Chen, Taizhi Lv


Research Progress on health risk and exercise intervention of sedentary group



Lamei Gong, Jiazhi Sheng


Analysis of Individual Income Tax Policies for Equity Incentives of Chinese Listed Companies--Taking Midea Group as an Example



Ri Su, Na Yang, Deyu Li


A review of research on reservoir fracture extraction



Penghui Zhang


Effect of the bulbil orientation and arched back on garlic growth



Xuehu Xie, Hongli Zhao, Hongjun Li, Bingchuan Bian, Hailing Yu


Determination of Aldicard and Its Metabolites Residues in Potato by Graphene SPE Combining with LC-MS/MS



Yongfu Ni, Yunning Fan, Wenjuan Xu, Xin Li, Zhixu Tang, Shuhua Cui


A Separation Method of Temperature Effect in Bridge Deflection Monitoring Based on Wavelet and SSA-VMD.



Ming Gao, Xin Bai


A Study on the Innovative Driving Path of Industry Education Integration in Applied Undergraduate Universities in the New Era



Yucong You, Luxia Yi, Chaoping Ma, Jianming Zhu and Yingqiao Li


Hole throat characteristics of Chang 7 Member tight sandstone reservoir in Fuxian area



Yue Yang


Communication Challenges in Urban Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study of Sydney Metro City & Southwest



Chu Zhang


Research progress on reservoir permeability calculation model of NMR logging



Peixin Kou


Preschool Teachers’ Job Stress and Emotional Labor: Based on BP neural network model



Shucun Sun


Research on the Application of Microfilms in Auditing Teaching



Jin Chen


Multi person micro Doppler spectrum extraction based on Kmeans clustering



Jiazhi Yu


A music creation model based on blockchain technology



Qian Jie


Study on Climatic and Environmental Characteristics of Inner Mongolia Reach in Yellow River Basin



Baiye Shi, Ruhan A, Liang Bao, Ding Nan


The Dilemma of Low Fertility and Changes in Family Policies in South Korea


Jing Jin, Yanmin Wang, Li Jiang


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