International Journal of Science

Volume 11, Issue 3

Experimental study on axial compression of L-shaped profiled columns made of reconstituted bamboo and cold-formed thin-walled steel sections



Yuhao Wu, Zhengyang Cao, Yunhao Sun, Shangyu Huang, Bingyang Yang and Jianqiang Han


A Study on the Influencing Factors of Users' Information Decision-Making in Health Question-and-Answer Communities



Haodi Chen, Yufan Wang


Study on the influence of Qinglong Lake Marathon on the urban Culture and tourism resources of Zigong



Kunyan Ou, Jianhui Zhou, Haixia Wang, Huigao Xie


Research Report on Intelligent Identification of Freight Train Number Based on Graphics Processing Technology



Chiyao Zhai, Deyu Li


Research on the Sports Consumption Status and Development Countermeasures of Urban Residents in Zigong City under the Background of "National fitness"



Hongyue Deng, Rui Hu, Yalin Xiao


The Logic and Effects of Chinese-Style Decentralised Environmental Governance



Qingyuan Liu, Ling Jiang


Current status and trends in meta-universe underpinning networks



Jiayu Zuo, Jiao Zhang and Xu Dai


A study on optimizing the experience of mobile-based examination products



Yao Du, Pufan Shan, Yankun Xu, Tianle Li and Xingliang Chao


Research on the Mechanism and Countermeasures of Promoting Carbon Reduction Through the Development of Digital Economy



Cuiting Gu, Jin Li


Building dreams and helping people with disabilities, fully supporting the dream of employment



Pufan Shan, Yao Du, Wei Zhao, Ziting Wang and Tianle Li


Research on Government Gaming Behavior in Regional Economic Integration



Tingting Sun, Zhixun Ma


Research on Soil Moisture Inversion of Agricultural Land in Wuchuan County Based on TVDI



Chaoligeer, Ziying Sun and Aruhan


Design specification of a new intelligent air purification device based on ion air technology



Guangchao Bao


Synergistic Development and Attribution Analysis of Ecological Carrying Capacity and Industries in Xilin Gol League



Wujimuji, Xu Sun and Xia Yang


A method for automatic preprocessing of laser echo signals based on FPGA



Xin Zhou


Path of Economic Integration and Development of Liaoning Convention and Exhibition and Tourism Industry in the Context of Territorial Tourism



Yan Ji, Hong Liu


Exploration and Practice of Online & Offline Mixed MOOC Teaching for Foreign Trade English Correspondence



Yucong You, Kehui Deng, Jianming Zhu and Yingqiao Li


Research on the Construction of Smart Sports Service Platform of Urban Community



Sun Yu, Lin Hao, Qianhui Liu, Chusheng Dai


Study on Environmental Protection Effect of Local Ecological Transfer Payment--Take 68 Key Ecological Functional Areas in Anhui Province as an Example



Yanan Liu, Dong Liu, Jinyang Wang, Deyu Li


English Reading Teaching Practice in Senior High School based on Text Interpretation



Yanyu Li


Influence of different upper structure on heat dissipation performance of shoes



Tianshe Sun, Wei Zheng


Experimental study on simulation platform of long-distance oil and gas pipeline impacted by collapse and falling rocks



Sun Jiale, Zhang Xueqing


ConA mediates the activation of CTLL-2 and enhances its anti-tumor cell activity



Mingxin Xi, Feiyue Xing


Mechanical analysis of inner ring mass unbalance rolling bearing based on LS-DYNA



Ruigang Lu, Kun Ni, Mengjiao Lv, Fa Zhou


Study on the effect and mechanism of fiber on the anti-bursting property of fiber reinforced concrete after fire



Yuhao Wu, Yuhan Miao, Dong Lv, Mingzhe Guo, Xinming Wang


An Integrated Neural Network Model for Efficient Face Detection in Complex Backgrounds



Jie Huang


Analysis of location advantage of Hohhot based on transportation and economy



Saifei Wang, Xu Sun and Guoqing Chen


Robot navigation system based on improved cartographer construction algorithm



Qilong Wu, Hongchang Sun


Petrological characteristics and shale gas accumulation model of Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation in western Chongqing area



Boshuo Li


A Three-Step Pedagogical Approach to Teaching C Programming



Ren Yuan


The strategic analysis of promoting the integrated development of the "trinity" of education, science and technology



Mingyu Zhang


Analysis of the impact of digital economy on the new smart city



Xiaoqin Li, Xiaolang Ao


An Analysis of Peter Barry's Poetry Appreciation Method of Close and Distant Reading from the Perspective of Deconstruction



Yangfeng Wang


Sedimentation and lithofacies type of shale of Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation in western Chongqing area, China



Yakun Shi


Research on the integration of mine ecological restoration and ecological tourism



Qiang Liu


The Impact of Science and Technology Talent Concentration on the Development of Digital Economy: A Review



Yufan Wang, Haodi Chen


Convolutional networks in the analysis of electroencephalography signals and their advantages



Zicheng Gao


Diagnostic Difficulties and Treatment Options for Secretory Otitis Media in Children



Lijun Fei


Dual Channel Image and Text Emotion Classification Based on Attention Mechanism Fusion



Zhiyuan Wen, Wen Zhou and Zhichao Li


Research on Privacy and Personal Information Protection from the Perspective of Civil Code



Guo Li


Research on the Teaching Reform of College Students' Math Competition Based on the Outcome-Based Education Concept



Ruijun Xie


Study on the joint connection optimization of tall formwork steel pipe support frame



Jingxiang Wang, Lin Zhu, Yuxin Yao, Wenjie Wang, Zirui Zhu and Ning Wang


The asymmetric effect of oil shocks on the price of carbon emission allowances



Jiulong Peng, Shiwen Fang, Anhao Tang and Runqing Fang


Research on multi-objective genetic algorithm based on improved nei***ourhood search of non-dominated individuals



Rui Zhang, Wenxin Xia


A review on mechanical properties of cold-formed thin-wall steel-reconstituted bamboo composite beams



Yunhao Sun, Zhengyang Cao, Yuhao Wu, Kaiyuan Zhang, Bingyang Yang and Jianqiang Han


Textual Quantitative Analysis and Suggestions on China's Integrated Circuit Industry Policies



Lu Deng, Zhengxing Peng


A Preliminary Exploration on the Curriculum Mode Reform of College English Teaching under the Background of Ideological and Political Education



Dengping Zhong


Comprehensive and Budgetary Management System of State-Owned Enterprises in the Era of Big Data--Taking Yunnan Copper Industry as an Example



Xiaoqing Lu


Application of soil reconstruction in terrace construction



Na Lei, Yutong Sun


Research and Discussion on the Application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology in Information Audit


Chaoran Wu, Chunhai Chen, Zejiong Zhou


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