International Journal of Science

Volume 9, Issue 10

Optimization Research on Fracturing Fluid for Low Displacement Sand Fracturing in Coal Reservoir



Zhanjin Lu, Kai Wang

Optimization Model of Remanufacturing Reverse Logistics Network with Double Channel Collection Inspection



Yun Zhang, Qiaolun Gu

Effect of Long-term Temperature Or Salinity Stress on the Activities of Immune-related Enzymes in Crassostrea Hongkongensis



Wending Liu, Zuopei Wang, Yaowu Fu, Tuo Yao, Lingtong Ye, Qizhong Zhang

Seismic Multi-attribute Prediction of Sandstone Gas-rich Areas: The Case of Yuwang Coal Mine



Chen Wang, Fan Cui, Guihe Li, Cunqiang Chen, Leiyu Gu, Caiyun Yin, Rui Cao, Yunfei Cao

Research on the Impact of Digital Finance on Trade Barriers in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area



Jiahao Mai, Jieru Wang

Research on the Cultivation of Students' Learning Enthusiasm in the Flipped Classroom in Physical Education and Fitness Course



Lamei Gong, Jiazhi Sheng

Analysis on the Collection Evaluation System of University Library under the Support of Information Technology



Hongwei Zhang

Research on the Preparation and Removal of Magnetic Graphene Materials in Organic Contamination



Xue Wang, Zhe Liu

High-throughput Data Offloading Scheme in The Coexistence Environment of 5G Cellular Network and WiFi 7



Qinghua Chen

Characterization of Lactobacillus from Kombucha as Oral Probiotics



Huilin Wang, Jing Ai, Chengxi Wang, Siying Xu, Yuezi Li, Liu Wang, Zhongqiang Chen, Jiangyuan Chen, and Fahu Yuan

Investigation on the Electronic Structures of in Doped GaN by First-principles Calculation



Jian Liu

Survey of Behaviour Recognition based on Deep Learning



Tinghong Fang, Jianshe Dong

To Explore the Core Mechanism of Spinal Cord Injury and the Intervention Effect of Electroacupuncture based on GEO Database



Wei Wang, Chenglin Luo, Yinping Wang, Hui Wang

Research on the Development and Application of Database Technology in the Background of Big Data



Lili Shi, Zhengqiu Weng, Dafeng Gong

Research on the Reform of the Course of Digital Electronics Technology



Liqun Shao

Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Stick-slip and Bit-bounce in Drill-string Systems



Yutian Han, Panhu Bao, Lei Wang, Yanmin Wang, Hongjun Liang

Research on the Impact of Industry Organizations on Automobile Development and Development Countermeasures -- Taking the China Automobile Center as an Example



Hui Rong, Yue Qin, and Yunhui Jia

Multi-AP Coordination Technology in The Next Generation WiFi 7 Networks



Qinghua Chen

Research on the Blended Teaching Mode in the Course "Principle and Application of Linux" based on OBE-BOPPPS



Liyu Zhu, Yueyue Zheng

Design of Self-study Classroom Monitoring System Your Paper's Title



Chunyue Pan

Analysis of the Impact of the Promotion of Free Trade Zones on the Construction of Domestic Industrial Chain under the Background of Dual Circulation



Danping Zhao

Deep Learning-based fMRI: A Review



Yifan Cao, Meili Lu, Jiajun Fu, Zhaohua Guo, Zicheng Gao

Research on Informatization Teaching of Big Data Technology and Application Major



Yujuan Zou, and Taizhi Lv

Research on the Path of High-quality Development of Digital Empowering Small and Micro Enterprise Parks



Yuwen Shi

Music Research of Traditional Folk Songs of Mulao Ethnic Group



Yueying Chen, Wei Wei

Real Time Mask Wearing Recognition and Detection based on Artificial Intelligence



Xuan Li, Yulin Li, Qingze Lu, Kailin Liu, Xiuping Men

Research and Practice of University-enterprise Collaboration to Build Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training Model



Mingyang Ni

Research on the Heterogeneous Impact of Pilot Free Trade Zones on Enterprise Innovation



Qinye Qi

Research on the Use of Mise-en-Scène in Short Film and Photograph Production: An Empirical Study in V-Log Documentary



Yuebo Lin

Abandoning Gansu to Sichuan: Study on the Relocation of 062 Base in the Early Stage of the Third-Front Movement Construction



Yun Liang

Study on Mechanism of Guomin Jian in Treatment of ALRH based on Network Pharmacology



Xin Tao, Xile Liu

Image Generation of Lung Nodules based on Generative Adversarial Network


Wanle Chi, Yun Huoy Choo, Ong Sing Goh, and Dafeng Gong

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