International Journal of Science

Volume 9, Issue 6

Research on Construction of Smart Sponge City Management and Control System



Zujie Lu

Determinants to Export through Cross-border E-commerce to China for Latin-American Small and Medium Businesses: An Exploration of Ecuadorian Coffee Firms


Siqi Chen, Karla Paulina Mendieta Solano

Migration of Heavy Metals in Soil-Plants under the Action of Organic Fertilizers and Minerals


Biao Peng, Lulu Zhang

Mechanical Characteristics of Bottom Hole Assembly in Two-Dimensional Borehole with Air Drilling


Junan Lu, Qiang Xu, Yutian Han, Jun Chi, Lei Wang, Hongjun Liang

Review of Remote Sensing Satellite in Surface Water Extraction


Jianfeng Li, Biao Peng

Study on Nutrient Characteristics of Aspen Woody Debris in Saihanwula National Nature Reserve, Inner Mongolia


Lijuan Guan, Pengwu Zhao, Mei Zhou, Yang Shu, Yiheng Wu, Jiajia Chen, Yichao Zhang

Advances in Forest Ecological Value Assessment Research


Lei Shi, Liangyan Yang

Research on the Optimization Effect of Algorithm in Computer Programming Language


Yiren Liu, Xinyu Liang

Analysis on Spatial Change Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Urban Fringes in Southern Shaanxi


Siqi Liu, Jianfeng Li

Expression and Significance of miRNA-29 in Endometriosis


Suwei Lan, Xingcha Wang, Penghua Cui, Chunhui Wang, Mingjing Zhai, Yang Li, Lifeng Chang

Production of C4 Olefins by Ethanol Coupling based on Linear Regression Equation


Jiale Wang, Xinxin Xu, Yufei Xiao, Lipu Zhang

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in China under the Covid-19 Shock


Maxu Feng, Zejiong Zhou

On the Educational Value of Family Ethics TV Dramas


Yating Zhang, Jing Deng

Study on the Adaptability of Current Passenger and Cargo Common Line Railway Classification Standards in China


Hang Yin, Yuanfu Li

The Impact of Digital RMB Issuance on Payment and Settlement System


Qiuyu Zhang, Haozhe Jin, Deyu Li

Study on the Formation Mechanism of White Layer Characteristics of Cutting Surface based on Finite Element Method


Hongge Fu, Fan Bai and Qingjie Sun

CT Image Segmentation based on UNET ++ and UNET Network


Mingao Liu, Ping Zou

The Course and Experience of Coordinated Control of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy in China


Zejiong Zhou, Hongmei Chen

Study on the Influence of Prefabricated Building on Housing Project Cost and Optimization Strategy


Yinghui Fan

Investigation on Fatigue Test of Tubing String in High Yield Gas Well


Bo Ning, Ziqiang Liu, Qiuying Li, Yang Ran, Xinyu Kang, Xiaoqiang Guo

Educational Game Design and Application based on Deep Learning Mode


Xiaowei Qian

Humus, A Complex and Stable Macromolecular Organic Compound


Tengteng Lv, Jie Zhang

Application of Activated Coconut Husk as an Adsorbent in Slow-sand Filtration for Iron Removal


Ogunkeyede A. O., Adebayo, A. A., Emegha C., Olomu S.

The Estimation of Battlefield Target Area based on Infinitesimal Method


Chunmei Chen, Ping Yang

CLTM: An Innovative Method of Chinese Legal Text Mining


Xiao Li, Dong Sui, Yongtang Bao, Yangwu Zhang, Jing Li

Assessment of Crude Oil Contaminated Agricultural Soil in Emede Community in Isoko South LGA of Delta State, Nigeria


Ogunkeyede A.O., Adebayo A. A., Raji S. A., Otolo S.E., Akpejeluh P.

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