International Journal of Science

Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1

Navigation and Positioning Based on RFID in Local Scope 
Ji Zou, Chao Zhang, Duanyuan Bai

Application and Design of Guiding Equipment Based on Man-machine Interaction and the Internet of Things
Zhen Zhang, Fang Liu

Study on the Interaction between Power System and Communication Network 
Wang Ao, Tong Dan

On Finance Supporting System Cultural Industry in China 
Congxian Deng

Social Responsibility Building in Public Hospitals Accounting Research Evaluation System 
Wen Tan, QiulinYang

Research on Parallel Regenerative Braking Strategy for Hybrid Buses Based on the Adequacy of Energy Recovery
Jinlong Liu,Jiawei Ma, Wenqi Jiang

The Study of Starting Methods of Squirrelcage Asynchronous Motor 
Chao Tang

Research and Simulation of DPSK Modulation  
Chunling Han, Dongya Xiao, Wei Ge

Design and Simulation of Fractional Order Pseudo-Derivative Feedback Control System 
Duanyuan Bai, Chunyang Wang, Mingqiu Li

IoT Adaptation Layer Network Protocol Based on 6loWPAN     
Yijun Wang, KaiGao, Yulin Gong

SISO T-S Fuzzy Systems as Universal Approximators 
Lijuan Cai, Wei Ge, Ziqiang Hao

Fault Detection System of Axle’s Track Based on Virtual Instrument   
Chao Zhang, Ji Zou

Analysis on Effect of Process Parameters on Performance of Rectangle Box in Deep Drawing
Guoying Ma, Binbing Huang and Chenyu Du

Study on Structural Characteristics of CSG Dam          
Yunfeng Peng

Study on the Separation and Preparation Technique of Phillyrin 
Maoxun Yang, Bin Zhao, Qiaoli Lv, Wan Xie and Yaoguang Liang

The Research on the Consonants Constraint Degree of Tibetan Xiahe Dialect  by Means of EPG
Yonghong Li, Pengcuo Dawa

On Animation Industry Supporting Policies in China 
Qunhui Chen

Study on Forming Process of Automobile Anti-collision Beam Based on Dynaform
Binbing Huang, Guoying Ma, Yonggang Lv and Chenyu Du

Image Stitching Technology based on Corner Detection
Xue Leng,Jinhua Yang, Song Li

AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Analysis of the Performance Evaluation of University Students’ Ideological and Political Education
Shi Li



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