International Journal of Science

Volume 1, Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 2

Robust H Control for Satellite Attitude Control System with Uncertainties and Additive Perturbation

Chuang Liu, Feng Wang, Keke Shi, Xuefeng Wang, Zhaowei Sun

Design and Simulation of Fractional Order PID Controllers Based on Bode's Ideal Transfer Function 
Duanyuan Bai, Chunyang Wang, Mingqiu Li

Scheme of Squirrel-cage Asynchronous Motor Soft Start Triggered Thyristor Alternating Voltage Regulation  
Chao Tang

WSNs Virtual Node Time Synchronization Algorithm based on Flooding Broadcast 
Yijun Wang, Yulin Gong, Kai Gao

Detection of Trace Impurities Based on Stroboscope Measurement 
Ji Zou, Chao Zhang, Duanyuan Bai

Design of a High Precision Data Acquisition System Based on Microcomputer 
Yuxi Sheng, Chao Fan

A Brief Analysis of Biological Soil Crust in the Management of Rocky Desertification 
Junhong Zhang

Comparative Analysis of Domestic and International Digital Library IntegratedService System 
Yingxin Zhai, Hanping Hu

Research on Trends and Key Technologies of Small Satellites 
Chuang Liu, Feng Wang, Keke Shi and Zongzeng Zhang

Design of Fine Tracking System Based on the PC104 
Chenjie Zhang, Hanping Hu

First-principle Studies onthe Doping Behavior of the Coal-based Carbon Nanotubes
H.C. Bai, L. You

Analysis Students' Web-basedAutonomous Learning Platform in the Social Media Horizon 
Yonghong Liang 

Research on VehicleSteering Characteristic Based on MATLAB 

Guoying Ma, Binbing Huang, Jiao Peng

A Design Method of Remote Control System and Its Application in Greenhouse  
Yongqiu Liu

Design of Intelligent Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance System Based on ATmega16 
Haifang Cong, Yuchen Li

The Design of PPM Modulation System Based on Fiber Laser 
Ziqiang Hao, Hongzuo Li

Resource Scheduling Optimization Research for Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing
Liang Hao, Gang Cui, Mingcheng Qu, Wende Ke

The Frequency Spectrum Resource Management Technology in the Application of Cognitive Wireless Networks 
Hao Wang

Parameter Estimation of Near-field Sources Based On Fourth-order Cumulants
Ling Tang, Hong Song



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