International Journal of Science

Volume1, Issue 3

The Research on Brittleness Excitation Motivated Identification of Electric Power System
Shuang Ren, Hongyu Li

Cold flow properties and improvement of the cottonseed oil methyl ester and its blending oils
Yuqi Zhang, Xiu Chen, Yongbin Lai, Menghong Yuan, Junfeng Shu and Bo Wang

Canny Operator Parameter Selection Effect on the Overhead Wires Ice Thickness Identified
Guanchen Liu, Meng Wang, Zhangqin Wu, Hui Xu

Data classification prediction algorithm based on support vector machine and its application in oil and gas reservoir classification
Huaping Yu, Mei Guo

Interest-based prediction routing protocol in Opportunistic Networks 
Li Liu

Public Morality Construction of Construction Industry Based on the Prisoner’s Dilemma Theory
Weidong Wu, Wenting Diao

Proximity based Routing Protocol in Opportunistic Networks
Li Liu

The Research Progress on the Steel-slag Resource Recovery Utilization
Canhua Li, Lixin Jiao, Xiaodong Xiang, Si Liu

Cognitive Wireless Network Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Technology Research and Implementation
Hao Wang

Research of Power Cable Non-destructive Detective Based on X-ray Digital Imaging Technology
Zhanjie Lv, Zhixiang Li, Guiji Tang, Zhangqin Wu, Guodong Han, Shuting Wan

Time sensitive Interest-based routing protocol in Social Opportunistic Networks
Li Liu

Vehicle active suspension control strategy research and simulation analysis
Yongqiu Liu, Yingxin Zhai

Study on Evaluation Indicator System and Methods of PE Teaching 
Chen Ying, Ji Liu

The Optimization of Pivot Points of Crane Telescopic Jib Based on Genetic Algorithm
Tao Liu, Weihui Wang, Renwu Yuan and Fei Lu

Construction of University Library Information Resources
Yingxin Zhai

Research of Intelligent Technology and Its Application in Fault Diagnosis
Guanchen Liu, Meng Wang, Zhangqin Wu, Hui Xu

Design and Development of Sports Enrollment Digital Management Information System Based on ASP.NET
Xue Ding, Honghong Yang, Guang Yang

Rotor Experiment Platform Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration Rubbing Experiment Analysis
Shizhao Liu, Jiankun Zhao, Xuan Zhang, Zhangqin Wu

Fault Diagnosis and Precaution on Cracking of Suspension Clamp on Transmission Line
Zhanjie Lv, Jin Wang, Guiji Tang, Zhangqin Wu, Guodong Han, Shuting Wan

Jingdezhen Export Ceramics of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the View of Soft Power 
Haiying Liu, Xiaoliu Cao

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