International Journal of Science

Volume 1, Issue 6

Volume 1, Issue 6

Combination Weighting Method and Its Application in the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Power Quality Attributes

Xiaochen Zhu, Lin Xu

Application of Communicative Teaching Approach in Spoken English for Tourism Teaching

Xin Liu,Huiyuan Mao and Xiaoyan Jin

Effect of Barium Doping on the Structure,Water Incorporation and Electrical Properties of Nano-crystalline Ceria



Design of Multi-function Electronic Clock basedon Single Chip Microcomputer

Haifang Cong, Yuchen Li

The Honeynet Analysis and Assessment of HierarchicalFusion Model based on Information Fusion

Xiujuan Yan, Qing Zhu

Study on Equipment Quality ChainManagement

Liang Xiong, Silan Li and Weiwei Wang

Evaluation Research on Ecological Environment Risk

Xiaonan Qin, Chunyou Wu, Xiaoli Lu,Fengping Shan

The Rainfall Seepage and Stability Analysis of a Certain Slope based on Slide Finite Element

Jing Han, LeHua Wang, Jing Jin

The Reliability Analysis of Metering System in Natural Gas Distribution Station Based on Fuzzy Theory

Yunlong Chen

Impact of common geological disasters onoil and gas pipeline across the river

Ziyuan Dou

Study on Assessment Approach of Total Factor Resource Efficiency from the Perspective of Green Growth

Liangwen Yue, Chunyou Wu, Mier Zhang

Exploring the Impact of Environmental Uncertainty on Knowledge Management Capability of Nonprofit Organizations

Yangcheng Hu, Longhui Xu, Lingling Wu and Leyun Jiang

A phone Image Appreciation method for Chinese Jingdezhen porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasty

Ru Zhang

Research on Current Situation of Interaction between Sport Competition and Campus Culture Construction in Colleges

Chen Yu, Yang Qi

Research on method of teaching reform of metalworking practice in Colleges and Universities

Lifeng Zhu,Kai Wang,Zheng Li

Fuzzy Control of Underwater Vehicles Basedon Boolean association rule Data Mining

Lei Zhang, Hongwu Gao,Gang Huang, Ping Liu, Zhengyong Liu

Mechanical Drawing Teaching Reform and Innovation

Lifeng Zhu,Kai Wang and Zheng Li

Interface Design and Simulation of LCD1602 based on PROTEUS

Jinghui Su

Research on Remote Diagnosis Technology Based on CAN Bus

YanhaiWang, Xiaoman Wang and LianghuaDing

CFD-Based Numerical Simulation for SoilTemperature Field Underground Hot Oil Pipelines

Xue Liu and Longfei Ruan   

Design and Simulation of Temperature DataAcquisitionSystem basedon Proteus

Jinghui Su

A Comparative Study of Linear Subspace Analysis Methods forFace Recognition

Wei Ge, Lijuan Cai, Chunling Han

An Improved HEXBS Motion EstimationAlgorithm and Hardware Design for H.264/AVC

Wei Wang, Jie Hu, Jie Li, Yongmeng Dong, Guanyu Wang, Jun Yuan


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