International Journal of Science

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 7

A complete calibration procedure foroptical see-through head-mounted display

Weili Shi, Huamin Yang, Wang Wang, Zhengang Jiang

The visualized detection research of transmission line internal defects based on X-ray digital 


Xuan Zhang, Zhangqin Wu, Shuting Wan, Weidong Li, Zhixiang Li, Shizhao Liu, Jiankun Zhao

A Survey on Simulation of Virtual Surgery Soft Tissue Force Feedback Algorithm

Weili Shi, Huamin Yang, Weiping Wang, Yanfang Li, Yu Miao

Precision Analysis of Strength Reduction FEM based on ABAQUS

Jialong LiuQiaojiaYang,Qiufen Hu

The study on land-use management of engineering project from the perspective of projects' participants

Hongyong Liu, Ji Guo and Qiushuang Huang

Appraisement and empirical analysis of non-renewable resource efficiency based on green growth theory

Liangwen Yue, Chunyou Wu, Mier Zhang

Nonlinear Analysis on MechanicalCharacteristics of Jointed Rock Mass in Tunnels

Mingkui Huang, Jian Quan

A Novel Evaluation Indicator System andEvaluation Method for Network Marketing Performance Evaluation

Hankun Ye

Research Developments and Operating Principles of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Haifeng Fang, Lihua Cai, Huaimin Lu, Benjian Wei and Hongping Zhu

The calculation method of embankmentsedimentation on the slope foundation in highway extension project

Yang Zeng


The experiment of computer coursesteaching mode design in Higher Vocational Colleges

Sheng Bai

Pedagogy in VB programming design coursefor science and engineering majors

Xinyu Geng, Li Yang, Xiaoyan Huang and Ying Qiao

Study on the teaching method of mechanical drawing

Lifeng Zhu, Kai Wang

The Teaching Reform Study of Mechanical Drawing in China's Higher Vocational and Technical Education

Lifeng Zhu, Kai Wang, Huan Wu, Zheng Li, Lizhong Sun

Reflection after Class: Teaching Link That Should Not Be Ignored  

Na Zou

Study of Variable-pitch Wind Turbine basedon MATLAB Simulation

Yang Chen

Questionnaire Survey and Analysis of Mobile Phone Network’s Effects on Study and Life of College Students

Jiangfeng Li

Study on the Teaching Method of Discus Throwing Technique

Na Zou

Quality Education and Teaching of College Computer Basic Course

Huanqin Li


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