International Journal of Science

Volume 2, Issue 1

Volume 2, Issue 1

Analysis on Highway Project Construction Enterprises Profit Way
Huihong Feng, Chaoqun Tan, Lei Zhao

Study on Crystallization Process of Biodiesel Derived from Palm Oil 
Xiu Chen, Menghong Yuan, Yongbin Lai, Lei Zhong, Peng Wang

Flood Variation Analysis based on Chézy-manning Formula and HADS
Binbin Li

Research on the unfull-load vehicle logistics transportation scheduling problem based on genetic algorithm
Tian Ran

The Research of Transnational Tax Income under Electronic commerce Environment
Yang Liu , Sheng Bai

Prediction the energy consumption structure of Shaanxi Province based on Markov's method
Suorui Xia

Application of Multi-Agent Based Decision Support System in Supply Chain Management
Wei Liu

Preliminary test almost unbiased ridge estimator based on W test-statistics
Jibo Wu

Design of teaching robot based on motion controller
Dandan Zhang

Problems and solving measures in PLC teaching
Chunyou Zhang

Research on Cooperative Technology Innovation of Logistics Service Supply Chain
Xiaobing Wei, Donghong Yang

The promotion of the programmer management with the transformation of the structure and adjustment of the function
Bo Niu, Yi Chang

Construction of evaluation index system of overseas investment project of Petroleum Technology Service Enterprises
Xiaobing Wei, Donghong Yang

Study on Human Performance Reliability in Green Construction Engineering
Xiaoping Bai,Cheng Qian

Dynamic analysis of a slider-crank mechanism with joint clearance
Jiadong Mu, Tieqiang Gang and Zhihua Fu

Study on Erosion Mechanism of Magnetic-field-assisted Micro-EDM
Xuyang Chu, Kai Zhu, Yiru Zhang and Chunmei Wang

Deformation and Stress Analysis of Flex spline in Harmonic Drive based on Finite Element Method
Chunjian Liu, Lijie Chen and Cheng Wei

Computer audit risk causes and preventive measures
Yang Liu, Bai Sheng

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