International Journal of Science

Volume 2, Issue 2

Volume 2, Issue 2

The Brittleness Source Identification of Electric Power System based on Sources Reorganization
Yang Chen, Limei Yan, Jinlan Gao, Aihua Xu and Jianjun Xu

Experimental study on the methane production of municipal sewage sludge anaerobic digestion
Deqiang Chen

The Multivariable Linear Time-delay Systems and its Application in the Process of Oil-water Separation
Yang Chen, Limei Yan, Keyong Shao, Hongyu Li

Micro seismic Signal Recognition and Spectral Analysis
Bohu Zhang, Yang Yang

The Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Studying Vehicle Vibration Characteristics on Random Road
Shuangqing Tang, Zhou Jiang, Qiongqing Bo, Dongwei Zhou

A New Method for Prediction of Water Flooding Development Index
Jinshan Liu

Rural existing residential building envelope energy saving in Chengdu
Lingyun Wang, Zhiping Zhao

The Algorithm Design of the X/Y-axis Restrictive Amplification Function in the Well Test Interpretation Software and It‘s Implementation
Botao Liu, Xinhai Wang, Lihong Wan, Guoliang Li, Quanfu Bi, Jinli Wang, and Jinjun Xia

A Speech Enhancement Approach Based on Improved HHT
Xueqing Xu

The temperature field of the resin matrix composites patch of different thickness during curing process
Yuantao Wang, Shilin Li and Xuejie Shi

Research and Realization of Vehicle Fault Diagnosis System based on Cloud Computing
Zhiyu Huang, Xi Peng

Safety coefficient method for casing reliability assessment based on failure risk
Xinsheng Zhang, Hongyan He, Wentao Li, Zhengshan Luo

Proton Acceleration by Laser-plasma Interaction
Haiwei Mu, Jiaqi Xu and Wei Luo

Design of Business English Training Program under the Guide of MOOC
Yanni Li, Yanling Tang, Yuxi Zhao, Qiujie Li, Weiwei He

Determination of Anthocyanin’s Content in Different Parts of Indosasa hispida McClure cv. ‘Rainbow’
Chunsheng Zhang, Rui Shi

Dynamics of a SEIVQ Epidemic Model for Brucellosis and the Analysis of Control Measures
Bo Hao, Ruiming Zhang

The Numerical Discrete of Movement Intensity of Hailaer Oil Field
Yichen Zhang

Vernacular Architecture and Thermal Comfort in Warm and Humid Tropics
Liwei Fang

Research on Customer Classification of Electronic Commerce Transaction
Wu Xue

From the shallower to the deeper explanations C star triangle pattern in output display
Xiaoqiang Wu, Ruican Hao


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