International Journal of Science

Volume 2, Issue 4

The Feasibility of the Pressure pipe Method to Measure Vacuum Chamber Pressure

Yulin Zhou, Tieniu Yang

The Analysis of Present Situation and Countermeasure about Water Pollution in Qinhuangdao
Lei Li, Changjin Wang, Jing Gao

Talking About the Causes of Massive Concrete Cracks and Prevention
Guoping Tao, Yue Wang, Qiong Liu, Yuyang He, Xudi Chen, Wei Li

Research on the Problem and Protection of Urban drinking water sources
Qingshan Yuan, Hanqing Zhao, Xin Xu

The nacelle cooling system design based on Sinovel1500 wind turbine
Qingdong Li, Chao Li, Ming Ma

The Analysis of College Students' Ideological and Political Education and Daily Management Issues
Wenwen Huang, Yang Liu

Study on the Condensation of Upright and Inverted roof in boreal regions
Peng you, Shier Dong and Chenglin Ming

The Development Technology of Low Permeability Reservoirs
Xin Xu, Lusheng Hu, Xiaohu Hao

Research and Application of Multi-slug and Equi-fluidity Oil Displacement Mechanism
Jianmin Zhao and Tiange Li

The Analysis of heat loss situation on gas-injection wellbore
Xin Xu, Lusheng Hu, Zhenning Wu

Improving Cold Flow Properties of Pistacia Chinensis Methyl Ester
Lei Zhong, BinChuan Zhu, Shaowen Lan, Xinwu Li, Shiyin Kang, Xiu Chen

Application of Cognitive Psychology Theory on Mathematical Concept Teaching
Ying Cao, Xin Xu, Qingshan Yuan

Simulation for a new-style electromagnetic current meter
S.F. Xu

A Flexible Workflow Model of Role Based Access Control
Jianmin Zhao, Jian Kang and Tiange Li

The Research on the behavioral risk conduction mechanism of principal participants in Water Conservancy Project
Hongyong Liu, Ji Guo

Experimental Study on Backward Walking Improving Physical Fitness and Balance Capacity in Overweight Females
Xun Sun, Jiong Luo, Tingran Zhang, Xiang Wang, Chunli Qin, Jixiang Song, Pingping Yan

Research and Analysis of Farmers’ Technical Demand Based on Bayesian Network
Zhenyou Sui

Enhancing the cold flow properties of waste cooking methyl ester
Menghong Yuan, Li Dong, Shaowen Lan, Yifen Chen, Xiaoqi Guo, Xiu Chen

The Slug Design of Multi-slug and Equi-fluidity Oil Displacement with Binary Flooding
Jianmin Zhao and Tiange Li

Evaluation characteristics of coal structure Base on logging data
Youzhi Wang

Flow Field Analysis of Turbine Blade Modeling Based on CFX-Blade Gen
Liguang Wang, Zhijun Li, Yu Wang, Baolin Liu, Qin Zhou

The research of rapid construction method for kinematics coordinate system during the graduate course
Mengjun Song

Analysis of Internet of Things in Modern Intelligent Library using Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Zhenyou Sui

The investigation and study of the damages of simple supported beam bridge in the Wenchuan earthquake
Di Shi

Grey Relation Analysis of Science & Technology Input and Economic Growth
Xiaqing Liu

An Empirical Study on Exhibitions Industry Based on the Theory of Industry Cluster
Yanni Li, Songjuan Zhuang, Likun Liu, Baichao Gong and Fuguang Zhao


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