International Journal of Science

Volume 2, Issue 5

Research on Supply Chain Management Based on Fractal Theory

Xiaoliang Cheng, Jingjing Qian

Research on Overall Correlation Analysis between Modern Service Industry and Tourism Industry in Liaoning Province

Huiyuan Mao, Xin Liu

The Correlation Analysis of Chongqing Transportation Structure and Industrial Structure
Xiaoliang Cheng, Kunyu Li

Research on Application of Communicative Teaching Approach in English for Tourism Class
Xin Liu, Huiyuan Mao

Innovation Research on Ideological and Political Education of Colleges and Universities
Liyan Tu

Application of CDIO in PLC Teaching
Wei Yan

Application of SMR and Stereographic Projection Method in the Highway Slope Stability
Yahua Zhang, Xiaohui Liang

Reform and Application in Mechanical Engineering Classroom of CDIO

Lihua Wang, Xiaoqiang Wu, Li Li

Simulation of Child Cervical Spine Injury in Frontal Crash
Yumin Zhu, Siping Huang

Construction of Machinery Specialized Laboratories under the Concept CDIO
Xiaoqiang Wu, Lihua Wang, Li Li

The Innovative Research on Open Teaching Mode in Training Tourism Professional Applied Talents
Huiyuan Mao, Xin Liu

Investigation and Study of Mountain Ecological Migration Assistance in Chongqing
Nanjie Li, Binghui He and Xincheng Xiao

Study on Calculation Approach for Setting of Adaptive Three-Section Triad Distance Protection
Jianjun Xu, Qiangnan Du, Lili Bai

High yield of exopolysaccharides in lactobacillus bulgaricus by optimization of culture condition
Yanhong Ran, Ting Wang and Xiaotang Guan

Research on Cross Boundary Product Innovation Based on Knowledge Sharing
Ying Xin

Relative Permeability Research of XX Block in Nanpu Oilfield
Jie Zhang, Xiaoli Ma

Research progress on the extraction of is flavones from Radix Puerariae and the pharmacological effects of isflavones
Xiudian Xu, Xiaoguang Wang, Yueyun Yang, Hongli Shi

Studies on Teaching Mode of the Construction Engineering Surveying Course Based on Work 
Process for Higher Vocational Education
Shuhui Jiang, Nanjie Li

Design of Transformer Status Monitoring Device
Liang Huang, Qiansu Lv, Tao Yang, Jiantong Wu, Huarong Zeng, Xiangqian Wu, Lijin Zhao

The Risks and Countermeasures of Mountain Ecological Migration Assistance in Chongqing
Nanjie Li, Xincheng Xiao and Binghui He

The Realistic Significance of Green Chemistry and its Technology
Lei Li

Research process on extraction methods of shixiang oil from ten incense
Lishuai Han, Yueyun Yang, Mengmeng Gao, Xue Huang

Purification and charaterization of algae eucheuma polysaccharide degrading enzymes from Micro bacterium
Liang Zhang, Yanhong Ran and Wenyan Chen

Effect of Field Division on Electrical Capacitance Tomography System
Dan Ren

Joint Power and Input / Output Line of Mobile Devices
Zhaohe Wang

OpenSource Control in Cloud Computing
Hongyan Sun

On the Application of Viral Marketing in Book Industry Cluster
Yanni Li, Dafan Mu, Jiayin Li, Pengfei Shao and Yanling Tang

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